Strong. Durable. Capable.

Learn how to get stronger, more durable shoulders to prevent future injury with the Shoulder Strength Series.


What I’ve learned over the years is that everything is connected…

You can’t just focus on 1 or 2 movements of the shoulder to get them strong and mobile. So many people who lack upper-body strength or suffer from poor posture, also lack the ability to connect their upper-body with their center.

You need to learn how to integrate the movements of the shoulders with your core, your spine, and your whole body.

Using a more integrated approach to training the shoulders has helped my clients not only gain strength and durability in the shoulders, but it also teaches them how to move properly, press things overhead, shovel, lift, and carry heavy loads.

And I guess that’s why I created this product in the first place. To teach people about this integrated approach, so that their WHOLE body gets stronger.

In my 20+ years of training, these are the exercises and movements I have found that best prep the shoulder for whatever life has to throw at us. This is the strengthening program I personally use to keep my shoulders pain free while I bike, do handstands, or practice yoga. I use it with my clients to help them get ready to climb, push, pull, grab, and carry.

Take care of yourself and gain the strength and flexibility you need to avoid injury and pain.


Welcome to Koa Fit’s Shoulder Strength Series!

The 3-part shoulder-strengthening series that builds on itself.

The online series contains three 20-30 minute routines focused on the shoulders and the integration of the shoulder girdle with the rest of the body. Start with the 1st routine, and practice it 2-4x/week until it becomes easy, then move on to the 2nd routine. Repeat the 2nd routine until that becomes easy, and then move onto the 3rd. The routines get harder not just in strength, but also in complexity.

Meaning, we challenge the shoulders in all different ways so that they are ready for anything. It’s the perfect add-on to another fitness routine or can be a stand-alone workout for the upper-body.


Here’s what you get out of it:

You will learn the different movements of your shoulder and how to move better to help reduce the chance of injury.

You can use the program as a targeted warm-up instead of doing generalized, non-specific movements that don’t really benefit your body.

You can reduce nagging aches and pains before they get worse and require a visit to a medical professional.

The videos are easy to follow along and give you the “why” behind the motions.

The program is accessible to all levels with different variations on the movements provided so you can adjust to what is best for you.

The videos progress to give you a well-rounded, organized, and researched workout without having to pay 5x as much for a personal trainer.

Strong shoulders not only give you the capability to push, pull, lift, and carry more, they also create a strong foundation for a better posture and movement!